July 03, 2021 2 min read

Here are 5 reasons why you will love our breastfeeding dresses


🌻 The super easy empire line access allows to you feed your babe in a nano second, you can get a boob out quick as a flash with only one hand. No need to get milk on your dress, no squeezing your boob out of a hole or zip or fumbling with buttons! 

🌻 Which means you can tandem feed with ease! Or pump and feed at the same time. Our access is so simple that it deserves two of our top five features.

🌻 The skirt of the dress is bias cut. For those that don't know what the means, it means the material is cut diagonally which allows the weave to stretch (even though it's a non stretch material). This is why it truly does go from bump to birth and beyond. It will fit your full term bump but drape nicely on your postpartum tum. So many maternity dresses have a gathered side seam (this is my pet hate!). As you can see in the video, the dress highlights the waist, sits flat on my soft tummy and hides my big butt. I'm two years PP and still adore the fit of these dresses.

🌻 Huge pockets! I won't forget to mention these this time. They ensure you have somewhere to put your keys while putting your babe in the car and don't lose them in the process ( I have done this so. many. times..) never again!

🌻The ties on the hem, just adds that interesting element to the skirt. Not a fan? the ties pull our really easily and you can just thread them back through if you choose (attach a safety pin through the end of the ribbon and thread through the casing- PRO TIP!) 

We have added postpartum dresses to the range because that's the stage I am at. I lived in my Bohemama breastfeeding dresses during my 3rd breastfeeding journey (reeeeeally wish I had listened to my gut and created them earlier!) and as I finished breastfeeding after 2 years, I still wanted to live in my dresses. Insert creating our tummy shaper pants here. But that's a story for a different day.

Our breastfeeding dresses truly are a 3 in one, they really have you whole motherhood journey covered! (oh yeah did I mention I sewed down the top flap and cut out the inside panel on my dresses so I could keep wearing them, another PRO TIP) 

Last thing I swear.. We have added 3XL to the range, fitting up to a size 24. That's right, our plus size pregnant mummas deserve to find beautiful breastfeeding clothing too. 






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