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    October 06, 2021 1 min read

    Mumma, I get it! Find plus size anything can be such a struggle, let alone plus size breastfeeding clothes! It's like some brands think mummas over a size 16 don't breastfeed.. But I know they do, because I am a plus size mumma that breastfed for many years and know intimately how hard it can be to find clothing that fits. Like, I just want a dress that makes me feel good.. it shouldn't be this hard!

    Well, because I was you, I can tell you that you have come to the right place. We firmly believe in size inclusivity, but also showing our dresses on a variety of body shapes. Personally, I think it's so important to have plus size and postpartum bodies normalised.

    So, the hunt ends here. Our range of plus size breastfeeding clothes has got you sorted. 

    Bump friendly dressesSleeveless breastfeeding dressNeutral breastfeeding dressBlack breastfeeding dressTurquoise plus size breastfeeding dress

    If you have been searching for a size 18, 20 or 22 you can view our clothing in these sizes here

    If you have been searching for plus size breastfeeding clothes in a size 22, 24 or 26 see what we have on offer here. 

    But wait, there's more! We have added plus sizes to our tummy shaper pants range too. We have added 4XL and 5XL to out ongoing range, due to super popular demand. And can I just say, these sizes sell FAST. 

    So if you have been looking for size 20, 22, 24 or size 26 in the most comfiest pants you will ever own, then check out what we have available here.


    Bump friendly pants australiaSize 18 pantsBump friendly pantsPlus size postpartum pantsPlus size maternity pants


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