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October 06, 2021 2 min read

It's funny how during such an exciting time of your life, something so easy as getting dressed can become so hard. Your body changes, your hair changes, your mindset changes (basically, while you are growing a baby you are also growing a fierce new mumma) and suddenly your wardrobe doesn't fit you anymore. Luckily, your skin usually glows #pregnancyglow
And it's not about finding bump friendly dresses as much as it is about finding bump friendly dresses that will also look good after you've had a baby.. Cos that's just the worst- When you buy yourself a new maternity wardrobe and it looks all wrong after bub is born. The ruching down the side seam ( perfect for maternity, not great postpartum). The body con dresses that show off your cute bump, but hug in all the wrong places once bub is born. So, how do you find bump friendly dresses that still look great ( and make you feel great) after baby is born. Bonus points if it is breastfeeding friendly..
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There are lots of basics now available in Kmart, Target, H&M as long as you like stripes. And block colours. There are lots of beautiful brands that sell cute tee's and knits for winter. As long as you feel comfy in jeans.

But what about those mummas that live in dresses? That just love finding that new perfect dress in a beautiful print. That perfect bump friendly dress for summer, for layering in winter, that looks cute AF on your bump but also makes you feel great while your body is adjusting postpartum. BUT also sits great for many months after birth and follows you through your breastfeeding journey? Sounds like a unicorn right?

Well.. I've been there. Struggling a lot as a plus size mumma, freshly postpartum trying on everything in my wardrobe and nothing looks right. Treating myself to some new clothes only to find that it fits all wrong, it's baggy on my tummy but clings to my hip dips and rides up. That exact feeling is what Bohemama was designed on. And each and every one of your pregnant and postpartum bodies is our model and inspiration. So, if you have been looking for that perfect unicorn of a bump friendly dress that still fits great after birth, that you can breastfeed in with ease AND still makes you feel great, then you just have to check out our range. You won't regret it. 

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