July 03, 2020 2 min read

When I had my second child my world changed drastically. The experience of pregnancy was much harder, my body had evolved and my baby was a very high needs baby. Oh, and it was a heat wave.

My first pregnancy was neat and tidy; I coped well and I walked out of hospital at my prepregnancy weight. I had the easiest baby that just ate and slept for the first 4 months of his life. He continues to be an easy going champ now at 5.

Second time round though, I had the honour of a screamer. All he wanted to do was nurse - 24/7. Nurse and scream. It was rough. Combine that with holding onto the baby weight plus a heat wave; I was miserable. I couldn't find any breastfeeding clothes that fit me or made me feel good about myself. At 6ft tall and a size 18-20 I really struggled a lot. This sent my mind into overdrive, and a year later my idea came to fruition. Bohemama was born. It was designed to be bright and funky and unique but most of all easy, affordable and flattering on the curves.

My third is now a toddler, still breastfed but oh so full of sass! He is basically the boss, ordering his older brothers around and puts up with absolutely none of their attitude. I can't wait to watch his little personality blossom as he grows into a little boy. 

I didn't have quite the identity crisis this time around because my heart and house are full with love and my wardrobe is full of colour and personality again. 



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