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Rushing as a coping mechanism

Tara Heaney

I realised during isolation that one of my biggest coping mechanisms for parenting is rushing. When I'm tired or the kids aren't listening, I start to rush. Rush around, getting everyone out the door. Even if we aren't late.

While we were isolated we had nowhere to rush to. So I had to deal with my emotions another way. I had to face my feelings and articulate them to my kids. It was freeing realising I waste a lot of my life rushing.

As our days fill up again, I've managed to maintain my mindset by putting a few daily morning rituals in place to help me start the day right. They include

🌻 Get up at 5:30am to get a moment to myself before the kids get up
🌻 Trade my huge coffee for water and tea
🌻 Writing down 3 things I'm grateful for. It makes me create positive energy each morning.

Do you have a morning routine to help start the day right?

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