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Gift card

Do you have a special mumma in your life that you would love to spoil?

Often at a baby shower we receive so many things that never get used or bub never wears and that gorgeous mumma gets forgotten about. All new mums should be spoilt and made to feel oh so special, since their world is turned upside down once bub is born.

The sleepless nights, constantly checking babies temperature, being vomited on, swollen milk jugs, eating cold food one handed and spilling it on babies head are just a few of the ways that a mummas life changes after birth..

So give that special new mum the gift of some beautiful breastfeeding clothing. Clothing that will make getting dressed easy. That supports her choice to breastfeed. That supports how much her body will change. Getting dressed in those freshly postpartum days can be a nightmare, so make it the easy part so that special friend, wife or sister can focus her energy on snuggling that babe.

Giving the gift of some beautiful breastfeeding clothing can really make a huge impact on those early days, because she is worth it.