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    Emerald Sunflowers Headbands-Adult and Child Pair

    During Covid, my Mum and I decided to further support the Indonesian community by purchasing a sewing machine and providing sewing training to some local women. By providing them with an income, they have been able to keep their families and communities fed, while their husbands were out of work. 

    It is still dark times in Indonesia, as most locals rely on tourism to support themselves, and with no tourism combined with a lack of government support, they were stretched pretty thin. 

    We focused our training on small pieces, such as headbands and scrunchies which adds a cute accessory to our range as well as allowing these women to practice their skills. 

    These pieces are handmade, with potentially small variances between sizes and colours. We have kept the price very reasonable to allow for this. Please know that when you purchase these pieces, you are supporting an Indonesian community as well. 

     Some prints come in sets $8, some come as singles $6. The sets cannot be sold separately.

    My son is 5 and we are both wearing an Earthy adult size ( same size).

    My other son is 3 and is wearing the Emerald sunflowers Mum and child set. 

    The baby sets are suited for up to 18months, depending on the size of your child's head. 

    I have a very large head and all adult pieces fit me, although some are firmer than others.  They do vary slightly due to the nature of how they are made. 

    The peach paisley and black paisley are the most generous in the adult sizing. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Brooke N
    Cute headbands

    Super cute headbands in lovely bright colours and prints. I have both the adult and baby sizes and they’re great fun to wear. The sizing isn’t perfectly consistent but close enough for this price.

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